Green Organic Giving

We are experiencing a greater awareness of how our actions affect our planet. Most of us make an effort to recycle and use recycled products, take public transportation or drive carpools, and conserve energy by turning off our lights and appliances. As individuals, we're becoming more socially responsible.


Here at GiveGivens, we're also becoming more environmentally responsible and adopting greener ways of doing business. Our gifts are boxed in high quality recycled shipping boxes and we pack the boxes with recycled paper. Our gifts arrive looking beautiful and our recipients are not left with unwanted non-recyclable packaging. The baskets themselves are mostly stuffed with high quality recycled "filler" paper, rather than synthetic popcorn filler or wood excelsior. Here again, the more recycled and recyclable materials we can use, the better.


We are also using smaller shipping boxes for our gifts. You'd be surprised how few inches here and there can make a difference. The more gifts that can be packed onto a truck or a plane, the less fuel used to deliver each gift. Another way we conserve fuel is by ordering the vast majority of our fine foods and wines from local vendors. GiveGivens is located in Northern California, close to a wealth of wineries and gourmet food producers. There are also plenty of organic growers and food manufacturers nearby, and we're delighted to be expanding our organic offerings.


From fresh, natural and organic foods to recycled and planet-friendly packaging, GiveGivens is working hard to improve how we do business. We look forward to working with you.